Gleanings and Herne Mill News


- the occasional newsletter of the Friends of Herne Mill and will be added here when the next edition is produced.

Herne Mill News

Millwrights JHE are working on the mill at present:

  • replacing a rotten beam below the flyposts of the fan stage,
  • Rotten fly post beamNew oak fly post beam
  • Dismantling the fantail
  • replacing a stripped cog in the fantail gear train,
  • New cog on crown gear drive shaftGear train to worm drive
  • repairing the fan blades,
  • repairing rot in one of the stocks
  • Rot in inboard stockInspecting the stock 
  • and fitting the new shutters.
  • New shutters being fittedNew shutters on sweepShutter linkage

Herne Mill a traditional Kentish Smock Mill owned by KCC and managed by the Friends of Herne Mill
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